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Educating with patience and enthusiasm since 1998, and offering the finest in remote learning since March of 2020.

HomeAc is your friendly, affordable, remote tutoring service. Active management of client progress and goals, substantive sessions, and a fun atmosphere are the cornerstones of our philosophy.  We provide high-quality, educational value at affordable pricing. With sliding scales and discounts for multiple students and the COVID-effected, HomeAc gives clients manicured game plans, active management of those game plans, and a friendly attitude without the bloated prices of those giant companies.

We're the remote learning company with your local neighborhood feel. Our team of tutors work with their students to give personalized service, collaborate with each other to innovate their techniques, and learn on their own to constantly improve the client experience. You will know your tutor well and in short time they will understand how you think and modify their tactics to your individual needs.

Learn to play chess!

Our tutors will patiently and effectively guide you to a place where you are comfortable playing your family and friends. We'll show you the ropes and hopefully give you tools to eventually crush your opponents!

1-2 sessions per week


per hour

  • Based on 60-minute sessions, but 30-minute sessions are available
  • Same-day scheduling
  • Actively managed game plan
  • Quick catch-up or cram for test
3-5 sessions per week


per hour

  • Based on 60-minute sessions, but 30-minute sessions are available
  • Same-week scheduling
  • Actively managed game plan
  • Cram for certification/exam or project help
6+ sessions per week


per hour

  • Based on 60-minute sessions, but 30-minute sessions are available
  • On-going scheduling
  • Actively managed game plan
  • Home school or advancement supplement

Academics at Home

Academic Complement
Catch-up to class

Whether you've always struggled with learning or you're just now hitting a challenge zone, we can all use complementary help with our studies.

Academic Supplement
Catch-up to your dreams

Sometimes school doesn't always offer the challenging support we need to thrive. For more involved academics, our AcSupp plan would be a great fit for you or your kiddo.

Test Preparation
Touch-up your application

We offer test preparation for any acronym you or your child is forced to take. Certification exams for adults are also available with advanced notice!

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Candid words from our wonderful students and parents:

"Matt is the reason I passed high school calculus. I remember how he broke down the information into smaller, more understandable pieces. Now I use those techniques on my own students, and they get it!"

"...I was listening in on that session, and applaud your patience and persistence holding him accountable. He’s clearly capable."

"...we appreciate your support!"

"Thank you for coming up with the game plan - that makes my life a lot easier."

"Thank you so much again for working with our boys and for putting your time and energy in their education!!"

"Thank you for your email! This is perfect feedback/plan and I appreciate you taking time and touching base with me."

"...thank you again for your commitment and support!"


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